Effect of Functional Training with TRX on the Balance of Middle-Aged Men

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1 MSc in Corrective Exercises and Sport Injury, Faculty of Physical education, University of Tehran, Tehran,Iran

2 PhD in Corrective Exercises and Sport Injury, Faculty of Physical education, University of Tehran, Tehran,Iran

3 Assistant Professor of Corrective Exercises and Sport Injury, Faculty of Physical education, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Background and Aim: Disorders related to balance and falling are among the most important consequences of aging, which result in disturbing consequences such as bone fractures. The purpose of the present study was to determine the effect of TRX functional exercises on the balance of middle age men.
Materials and Methods: In the current quasi-experimental study, 26 elderly men (mean age ± SD; 43.8 ± 3.44) were randomly divided into two groups of suspended exercises (n= 13) and control group (n= 13). The static, dynamic, and functional balance were evaluated using Sharp and Romberg, Corrected Star (Y), and Berg balance scales, respectively. The experimental group performed TRX exercises for 8 weeks, 3 sessions per week for 45 minutes. To analyze the data, t-test and ANCOVA statistical methods were used in SPSS, v. 2 with p-value set at ≤0.05.
Results: The results of t-test showed that the balance of the experimental group in all three groups was significantly different in post-test when compared with that in the pre-test (p≤0.05). In addition, the results of ANCOVA showed that performing TRX exercise significantly improved the balance in the experimental group as compared with the control group (p≤0.05).
Conclusion: Since balance is a feature that is influenced by several factors, doing TRX exercises can well cover these capabilities and improve the balance of middle age men. Therefore, in order to prevent disorders related to balance and falling, it is recommended that these individuals take the benefits of functional TRX exercises during middle ages.


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